[AUDIO] “Who Fights for Me” – Stevania

Stevania, an Australian-based songwriter and music minister has released yet another single titled “Who Fights for Me”; a follow up of her most previous singles “Life of Remedy”, “I Consecrate”, and “Shekinah Glory”.

Stevania recounts her inspiration; Who fights for me was given to me by God and inspired by the Holy Spirit. it’s all about the goodness of God and many battles that he has fought for me, both seen and unseen battles. It came to my spirit as an inspiration from the holy spirit after overcoming a lot of battles, difficulties, troubles all around me, conspiracies and distress.

While I was just worshipping God and praying, then the tune of the song came to my spirit, and the message of the song was; God assuring me that my battles and victories were won and this gave me the comes in my spirit.

See the lyric video below;



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