“Bishop Oyedepo made me a Special Assistant for Special Duties” – Bishop David Abioye

During the just concluded annual gathering at the Winner Chapel (Living Faith Church) headquarters, Shiloh 2020, Bishop David Abioye during one of his ministrations said that; “I regard myself as a Personal Assistant, but Bishop Oyedepo made me a Special Assistant for Special Duties”.

Bishop David Abioye said; “I was sent by God to serve Bishop David Oyedepo and he sent me to preach.

I want to specifically appreciate my father, mentor and my boss at work; the Apostle over this Commission, Bishop David Oyedepo. God sent me to serve him but he (Bishop David Oyedepo) sent me to preach. Some people may be wondering what mystery is that? God did not send me to preach with Bishop David Oyedepo; He sent me to serve him.

In all sense of modesty, I would not have felt any better if all I had the privilege to do, was to keep serving him.

The things you will be hearing this morning are the things that God sent him (Bishop David Oyedepo) to preach which he (Bishop David Oyedepo) gave me to preach.

Perhaps, having been found faithful as a personal assistant which is what I regarded myself to be to him, he (Bishop David Oyedepo) made me Special Assistant for Special Duties including the one I’m doing this morning.”

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