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Catholic Cleric Wants FG To Dialogue With Boko Haram

Christian Chukwuemeka of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, on Thursday advised the Federal Government to explore ways of ascertaining the actual demands of the insurgent group, Boko Haram.
The cleric told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that this would help in bringing an end to the crisis as was the case of Niger Delta incident.
He said: “The government should know exactly what the Boko Harram are looking for. For instance in the case of the Niger Delta problem, they were looking for at least subventions, if you like.
“Things that are coming out from their place would at least help them benefit from it.
“One problem we have is that we don’t know who is a member of Boko Harram. That is where we have problem. They are claiming that nobody is Boko Harram.
“Until we know who and who are the Boko Harram, then we will be able to know what they need from us or what they need from the people or what they need from the nation.
“And then the government should do something very positive and then what do they want, immediately they know that, they will be able to make sacrifices to end the problem.
“And then get this thing arrested because our problem is how do we know who is who, nobody has ever owned up as a member of the Boko Harram,” he said.
He urged the faceless group to make itself available to appropriate authorities for an interface on how to end the crisis. (NAN)

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