Confab Update: Delegates Move to Tax Churches, Mosques

Delegates at the National Conference have voted for the taxation of religious bodies operating in the country in order to share their vast wealth among others in the country.
One of the delegates Mallam Naseer Kura said religious leaders were making too much money and should be taxed.
Another delegate Isaac Ighure said Pastors were flying in jets whilst their congregations languished in poverty.
“Some people buy private jets when people in their churches are suffering and living in abject poverty, they should be made to pay taxes,” he said.
The committee on religion co-chaired by Alhaji Nurudee Lemu and Bishop Felix Ajakaye, recommended during their presentation of the reports that, “there should be no public funding of pilgrimages by the governments, though, the government will play a significant role as it will for any of its citizens in consular services and security of its citizens overseas.
“We recommended the establishment of Religion Equity Commission (RECOM) that will control the escalation of discrimination, prejudice and will improve interfaith relations and prevent conflicts for the benefit of all.
“We recommended that for the restoration of ethics, values in Nigeria, the strengthening of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) to promote our heritage and other cultural values.”
Delegates said Nigeria must remain a secular nation and abstain from funding religious pilgrimages. The debate over pilgrimages and pilgrim boards led to a heated argument and the vote was postponed to today.

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