Corruption in Nigeria, even in churches, ushers steal from offerings – PFN Chief

WARRI – ANTI – corruption preacher and Deputy National President (South South) Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigerian (PFN), Rev. Simeon Okah has said corruption is so endemic in Nigeria that even in churches, ushers steal from tithes and offerings.

Okah, founder and General Overseer of Flocks of Christ Mission, spoke on the new phase of his anti-corruption crusade as well as the security and political situation in NIgeria during an end of year press briefing at the church’s headquarter in Warri, Delta state.

He said, “Corruption has eaten so deep into the society that it is no just about politicians alone. In the church, you have to almost always pray with one eye opened because in some of the places, even some ushers and finance people steal the offerings. It is terrible.”

On perceived failure of the President Goodluck Jonathan to fight corruption in his government, he said there is hope for drastic change if Nigerians give the president a second chance to control the government.

“I agree that the President is surrounded by a lot of corrupt people and it is like when he removes one bad egg, he replaces with two bad eggs. But I have no doubt that the president is a favored child and he has the magic wand to make change.

“I believe he is being limited presently by the way he came in and the challenges of security being faced by his government and there the lure to please all sides. The moment he is returned for another term, things would not be same again. He is going to make the difference”‘ Okah said.

He added that those wishing Nigeria to break up in 2015 will be disappointed, adding that no break up will occur as the elections will come and go successfully, and “this a divine appraisal.”

Source: Vanguard

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