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[DOWNLOAD] ‘Baba’ – Dr. TJ

US-based Nigerian Medical Doctor and music minstrel, Dr. TJ releases a high-spirited song titled “Baba” (Father); a song of praise.

Dr. TJ describes the song “Baba” as a piece, crafted from the vivacious ambience of gratitude. In his words; “To be truly thankful, we must first be intentionally thoughtful; this is because thoughtfulness helps us to see the benefits that we have received, propels us to acknowledge them and with this realisation, we express gratitude.”

The exciting and everyday-savvy song has the music fusion of the African-inclination and a spice of the urban flair. It is a seamless mix that makes BABA a piece of art exciting to the ears; stimulating to the mind, appealing to the soul, benefiting to the spirit and timeless in the sphere of humanity.



Produced by Joe Whyte
M&M: Okey Sokay


Twitter: @Otejiri
Facebook: otejiri Imah
Instagram: imahotejiri

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