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[DOWNLOAD] ‘Church’ – Bmaster

Music producer, sound engineer, Recording artist, Bolanle Ekanoye, popularly known as ‘B Master’ based in Boras Sweden releases a new song titled “Church”.

This is a song of encouragement to the people in the Christian faith, different values, and those that are weak in forsaking the gatherings of God’s people; for them understand the importance of going to Church.

This song is channeled from experience; the benefit of attending the gathering of God’s people.

Bmaster has released an EP of 5 tracks, which has caught the attention of listeners, with over 100k streams of each track on Spotify since the release. The new track is out due to the recent pandemic, as some Christians have drawn back from attending church. This song is to encouraging everyone to take a step of faith, back to church, with everyone that has the interest of Christ’s heart.

Due to popular demand from listeners in Sweden and other parts of the globe, this special House pop genre style of music was released.



Instagram: @Officialbmastery2k
Twitter: @BmasterBolanle
YoutubeMusic: B Master World Productions
Email: [email protected]

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