[DOWNLOAD] ‘Elohim’ – D Search

D Search has released a new single titled “Elohim“. D Search is an intense & prolific worshiper who pours out his whole heart in worship to God.

‘Elohim’ talks about the Awesomeness and holiness of God. God is supreme, He is ELOHIM – The only true living God. How from time immemorial God has been speaking to man, we have seen the display of his sovereignty and supremacy over all other gods, and from generations to generations, He still remains the same.

Cosmos Sound produced the audio, which is the recent single from D Search among others such as: “God Speaks”, “In This Place”, “Your Name”, “Oh My God”, “Hallelujah”, “God Is Good”, to mention but a few.

D Search is a contemporary gospel artist, versatile in any genre of gospel music including soft rock, pop, spiritual, hip hop, taking the gospel world by storm; to reach out and to minister to every soul of this generation and especially the time we live in.



Facebook: Woods Keste Kings
Instagram: @Kingsley.nesonudoh
Youtube: D Search kps

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