[DOWNLOAD] “Forever” – Epsalmist D’Invoker Ft. King Praize

Spirit-filled worshipper, Epsalmist D’Invoker stands as a beacon of devotion and inspiration. Known for his deeply spiritual compositions, he has once again graced us with a masterpiece titled “Forever.”

This soul-lifting song of worship, featuring the renowned King Praize, the “Ayamma” crooner, transcends the boundaries of earthly melodies to embrace the divine. As two spirit-filled worshippers unite their voices, they weave a tapestry of reverence and adoration, exalting the omnipotent presence of God.

“Forever” is not merely a song; it is a divine proclamation of God’s sovereignty and eternal reign. With each note, they magnify His majesty, declaring His supremacy over all creation. From the highest heavens to the depths of the earth, the song resonates with the awe-inspiring truth of God’s everlasting presence.

‘Forever’ was produced by Kemzy Kem.



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