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[DOWNLOAD] “I’m Calling” – Helen Kio Harry

Helen turned a prayer into a song. Or should I say, a song into a prayer. This song is raw. It is a ministration. It is a prayer.

There are moments where we can’t find our voices or even the words to speak. We can’t put into writing how we feel and we feel like we’ve said it all before. She did this one for those who know they aren’t where they are supposed to be in life, those ones who feel like they have prayed the same prayer over and over and no longer have extra words to say to God, those who feel like they are falling apart and can’t do anything about it, those who need any form of help; whether direction, clarity, healing. Etc. So that when you listen to this song, you’re not just listening to music, you’re actually praying.

The title of the song is I’M CALLING. A call to God from a desperate and weary soul, for urgent help and comfort. “I’m Calling” by Helen Kio Harry is a prayer.


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