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[DOWNLOAD] ‘Imela’ – Jonah Donald

A revolutionary gospel musician with a fusion of both epic and hip hop style, Jonah Donald returns with yet another spirit filled song titled ‘Imela’, which means “Thank You” in Nigeria native language (Igbo).

The song “Imela” is an electrifying worship song that is bound to stir and tune you into the atmosphere of worship. It serves as a follow-up to his previous hit song “Kanyi Keleya“ released last year.

“As a fitness professional I have come across a whole lot of ladies who have to use their body as a source of income. They do that by sleeping with men some even old enough to be their father. These ladies have most times forgotten that there is a divine being (God) who is the giver of life and all things since they acquire all things using their body. Therefore they do things without self consciousness, they can’t differentiate good from bad, everything seems fine to them so far as it gives them money. Not only the ladies, but the men too. So this song Imela comes in place to call them back from all these acts sending them a reminder that there is a God who in all their flaws still love and will never forsake them.” – Jonah Donald

Today, if you admit your need for the savior, we invite you to recommit your life to Jesus as you listen to this song. Similar to what happened to the prodigal son, the society may have received you when your hands were full but rejected you the same way when your hands were empty. But God doesn’t care about what you have or don’t. You are always welcome in God’s presence if you accept you are a sinner in need of a savior.


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