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[DOWNLOAD] “Kiki Ope” – Bola Discovery

Bola Discovery releases a Yoruba-themed song titled “Kiki Ope”.

The Yoruba [a language spoken in the southwestern region of Nigeria] titled song translates as “Gracious Thanksgiving”, is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

“One day as I was pondering on the effects of the pandemic on our world in 2020. I was thinking of how we were unable to go about normal lives courtesy of the lockdown, many plans set aside, delayed, or canceled and at that moment God gave me this song.

Instead of complaining, just give thanks. Things could have been better but they could have also become completely messed up with no hope. In all circumstances let us thank God rather than a murmur or complain.

My matter, your matter, our matter only calls for Thanksgiving.” – Bola



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