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[DOWNLOAD] Mac Roc Sessions Presents Leo Saint in “Bless My Hustle”

Mac Roc Sessions presents Leo Saint with a new single – “Bless My Hustle”

“Bless my Hustle” is a song inspired by the day-to-day life of an average African child; seeking to make it through. Leo Saint is praying to God to bless the works of his hands. The song is definitely going to be fans favorite.

According to Mac Roc, the whole idea of the live session is to discover grassroots talent development towards nation building.

Mac Roc Session is a project by Rock & Youth Ambassador Mac Roc to discover, develop and project talents from across Nigeria to the world. In his quest to pursue and discover new talents, he has embarked on journey to different cities in Nigeria hosting live sessions. His last journey to Owerri lead to the discovery of Leo Saint.

Leo Saint fortunate to be at the live session and got opportunity to hold the mic and held the audience to an awesome performance with powerful vocal dexterity and expression of his innate potential.

This was composed and recorded by Mac Roc at a Mac Roc Session Live in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.


Twitter: @efe_macroc

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