[DOWNLOAD] ‘Melody’ – Somy Ohuabunwa

International gospel artist, Somy Ohuabunwa, radiates excitement as she unveils her latest hit single, “Melody”, now available worldwide on this 1st day of September, 2023.

“Melody” transcends being just a song; it’s a jubilant anthem that encapsulates the essence of living life to the brim. It stands as a gentle nudge to embrace the exuberance that stems from a profound connection with God and to allow His love and grace to permeate every facet of our lives.

Energetic and uplifting in both melody and lyrics, the song overflows with praises to God. Somy’s formidable vocals and entrancing delivery breathe life into this message of faith, adoration, and gratitude, rendering “Melody” a veritable gospel praise masterpiece. Irrespective of the challenges one may currently face, this song is bound to elevate spirits and set you dancing in celebration of God’s glory.

Already, “Melody” has garnered resounding acclaim from ardent fans and discerning critics alike.



Instagram: @somy_ohuabunwa
Facebook: Somy Ohuabunwa
Youtube: @SomyOhuabunwa
Email: [email protected]

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