[DOWNLOAD] “Mo Moloore (I’m Grateful)” – Joyzrael

Joyzrael’s new single “Mo Moloore” [meaning “I’m grateful”] is endorsed by heaven to easily help you to reflect on all that God has done for you; it will help you lift your heart and spirit to say to your maker, that you are grateful for everything.

The past year came with the pandemic that threatened to wipe out the face of the earth and made recession the crowned prince of our economy. In all that, God’s grace still wrapped us closer to “Arúgbó Ojó”; whose protection, shelter, and provision we got without paying a dime.

It’s high time we counted our blessings and achievements one by one; and scream at the top of our voices saying, “Mo mo loore”.



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Twitter: @Joyzreal_Otez

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