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[DOWNLOAD] “Naija Praise Groove” – NuGroove

Contemporary Nigerian gospel group, NuGroove, offers a new groove to this compilation of popular Nigerian praise songs titled “Naija Praise Groove”.

“Naija Praise Groove” is laced with interesting brass sections; electrifying guitar fills, extremely groovy bass lines and some catchy synth pads, garnished with some arrangements and syncopations beautifully crafted to make listening pleasurable.

The group have dedicated their lives to the praise of the father; communicating God’s unconditional love in a unique way through their vast repertoire of songs and mighty grooves. They are sold out to Soul Winning for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Immediately after their music tour to Europe, their commitment earned them a “National Award”; at the “Nigeria at 50” celebration by former Nigeria President, Goodluck Jonathan.

The song is produced by King Benny. The synth programming and keyboard was played by Sam Elias. Okey Sokay mixed and mastered the song.

Twitter | Instagram: @nugroovemusic

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