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[DOWNLOAD] ‘Onyeoma’ – Pastor Joseph Obande Obeya

Music minister and Regional Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, North-West Region, Nigeria, Joseph Obande Obeya is out with a new song titled “Onyeoma”.

The song “Onyeoma” is a classic-worship that draws your heart and life close to God’s own heart and a cry for divine intervention; enjoying the undiluted atmosphere of God’s divine presence.

Joseph Obeya is a lover of God and an ardent preacher of the word of God; a worshipper, prolific songwriter and singer. Over time, these qualities continue to metamorphose and translate into an unfeigned deeper and deeper relationship with God.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the prestigious University of Jos, Nigeria and MBA in Human Resources Management. Joseph is married to Lilian Amarachukwu and they are is blessed with children. He is an avid traveller; one with a very good sense of humour. Someone once said of him; “you can never meet Pastor Joseph Obeya and not return smiling and laughing”.

Enjoy God’s divine presence whilst securing intervention in any troubled area of your life.
Lord Louis produced the audio.



Facebook: Joseph Obande Obeya
Twitter: @obandeobeya
Instagram: @obeyajoseph
YouTube: @Josephobeya

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