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[DOWNLOAD] “You Are The One” – Abimbade Olawuyi

Bade Olawuyi has released a brand new song title ‘You Are The One”, the is a reflection of the love of Jesus Christ to us, it’s a song accepting his offer of love and showcasing a declaration of our stance on this offer of love.

“It’s been my quote that “the love Jesus is the love I don’t want to share, but what can I do? When it’s his desire that I make others know that he loves them as well”.

You are the one is a declaration of commitment to our Lord, master, king and lover JESUS. It’s for the ones that will always choose the Lord Jesus Christ every time in this perishing age. 1 Peter 2 verse 9 I was the one for him first before he became the one for me, We were the ones for him first before He became the one for us. He chose us first then we chose him. He is the one for me, that’s why I am proclaiming the praises of him who called me out of darkness into his marvelous light. May the Lord Everly be praised in our life in Jesus name.” – Bade Olawuyi

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Evangelist Abímbádé Oláwuyì is a minstrel passionate about revealing the heart of God for this generation. He is a member of the Ark of God Groups Inc. Abímbádé seeks that all can love God while using his music as an instrument of connection to get his messages out to the world.

This is his first track and he prays it blesses you.

Twitter: @Abimbadeolawuyi
Instagram: @adegokeolawuyi
Facebook: Olawuyi Abimbade Goke

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