[DOWNLOAD] “You’re Our Safety” – Olukemi

Olukemi’s “You’re Our Safety” is a song of assurance of our safety, from the spirit of God; in the midst of pandemic, fear and lies, let God be true and every other voices contrary to his word be silenced.

“The Lord said to me in the midst of crisis, pandemic, lies and chaos in the world “Fear not, I am your Saftety”. He then took me to Psalms 91 and said meditate on this, which gives birth to the song – “You’re Our Safety”. I strongly believe this is the word of the Lord to everyone at this crucial time. This song will help build your faith and confidence in God and dispel fear.” – Olukemi

Olukemi Ruth Olatujoye  simply known as Olukemi; a music minister, worship leader, songwriter, vocalist, wife and a mother. Kemi began singing and writing songs as a teenager, being a member of their local church choir and part of various singing groups. She is committed to taking God’s divine presence to every home through her music. Her love for God and passion for the gospel is evident in the lyrics of her songs.



Instagram: @olukemiofficial
Facebook: @Olukemi Olatujoye
Twitter: @olukemiofficial
Website: olukemi.org

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