[EP] “We Join The Elders” – Minister Afam

Renowned Gospel Music Minister and Worship Leader, Minister Afam, has unveiled his much-anticipated debut EP titled “We Join The Elders.”

This spiritually enriching collection of songs is destined to deeply resonate with listeners, offering a transcendent voyage through faith and devotion. The EP comprises six tracks, with the opening track, “We Join The Elders,” setting the stage for a transformative musical experience that ignites the soul.

Each subsequent track, including “Imela,” “You Are Good,” “My Pledge,” “You Are Yahweh,” “Inside Me,” and the title track “We Join The Elders,” carries a unique message of worship, alignment, and profound spiritual revival.

Minister Afam’s soul-stirring vocals, combined with heartfelt and profound lyrics, promise to uplift the spirits of all who lend their ears.

“We Join The Elders” is not merely an EP; it is an extraordinary spiritual odyssey that extends an invitation to listeners to forge a deeper connection with their faith and find solace in the comforting presence of God.

The EP is available on all major streaming platforms.
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