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EVENT:: Refresh Worship Concert With Dave Iyanya & Friends

How many times have you SKIPPED your quiet time with God because you were so busy doing His work or even other things? You are busy ministering to people but some how, you are burning out.
Refresh can mean different things depending on your experience. To Saul, it was the departure of an evil spirit but the point is, when sweet fragrance of true worship goes up to God THERE SHALL BE REFRESHING. (1Sam 16:23.)
It can mean Revival to you, (restoration of the sweet fellowship you used to have with God, new level of grace, spiritual heights, revelation etc.)
No doubt, our country is deeply troubled with all manner of storms right now, but we can reset the direction of things; even for our dear country in this meeting.
This is one place no one is special but God. We all cast our crowns, glorifying the one and only deserving GOD and He’ll descend in His Mighty GLORY. (Acts 2:1-4)
The Worship Concert will take place on the 28th of August at The Hospital Chapel, National Hospital, Abuja

Time: 3:55pm
Featuring: Oche Jonkings, Dave Iyanya, Noella and more.

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