[EVENT] The Throne Room – Embracing the White Praise and Worship Festival

The Willing Winning Women Int’l Ministry is set to bring forth an extraordinary evening of spiritual resonance and jubilation. Get ready to experience the essence of divinity at “The Throne Room” White Praise and Worship Festival. This momentous event is scheduled for the 9th of December, commencing at 9 PM.

This soul-stirring congregation will be graced by an array of remarkably talented and anointed individuals, headed by the esteemed convener, Dr. Pastor Hephzibah Ugo Michael. With a line-up featuring the captivating melodies of Minstrel Peace, the fervent praise of Min Nene Olajide, the resounding voice of Min Tiana, and the impassioned preaching of Evangelist Ngozi, this evening is destined to resonate deep within the spirits of all attendees.

In addition, the ambiance will be set ablaze with the musical talents of Evangelist Ngozi and Min Arome Austin, whose performances promise to elevate the evening to new spiritual heights.

The thematic essence of the event requests a dress code of “All White”, symbolizing purity, serenity, and unity among all attendees, transcending individual differences to unite in spiritual harmony.

Join the willing women as they gather to immerse themselves in the divine presence and revel in the effervescent synergy of music, faith, and unity. Embrace this opportunity to partake in a sacred journey within “The Throne Room,” an event that promises to be an unforgettable celebration of faith, worship, and spiritual unity.

Let your spirits soar as we delve into an evening of transcendence and spiritual elevation. Save the date, prepare your white attire, and join us on the 9th of December at 9 PM. Together, let us journey into the depths of worship, enveloped by the divine.

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