Father Mbaka Finally Opens up on the Alleged Fight Between Him and Patience Jonathan

Reverend Father Mbaka has finally revealed what truly caused the conflict between him and Mrs. Patience Jonathan as he reveals other interesting details.
The controversial founder and spiritual director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, Rev Fr Camillus Ejike Mbaka has revealed details of the controversy between him and wife of former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Before the 2015 general elections,  Mrs. Patience Jonathan, wife of former president visited Mbaka’s ministry  which later led to an open confrontation which was well circulated by newsmen. 
In a recent interview by the Dailytrust, Reverend Father Mbaka opened up on what truly transpired. When asked  what caused the rift between him and the former president’s wife and the allegations that he requested for money and her phone number, and when those things were not provided he changed his mind. 
Mbaka answered: “Praise the Lord. I’m just laughing because many people try to enter into areas they don’t know anything about. Prophetic life is a life that is spiritual and the Holy Spirit controls that atmosphere.
“So, when it comes to prophetic life, it should be an area that should be left for the person who has the spirit of prophecy. It’s not a lay man’s football field for people to play in. It’s not even a journalistic field to rattle words. It’s the spiritual zone that the unschooled in it can enter and if you don’t know how to swim, you can be drowned inside.
“Right from my primary school, God has been using me for prophesy.  In the case of Jonathan and his wife, God in heaven knows that apart from the offertory the woman gave on the altar, which I knew the amount, I took that amount and put back inside the same bag that one of the former aides of Jonathan brought – small bag filled with dollars in appreciation of, not as bribe.
“But the Holy Spirit said, ‘send back this money’. She didn’t give it to me directly. She gave it through somebody and I returned the whole money plus the one she used for offertory, all of them were returned. There is no kobo of Mrs. Jonathan or Jonathan in my hand; the Holy Spirit rejected all of them.
“When the saga was going on, I put my hands on the altar and swore an oath that if I ever touched Jonathan’s one kobo, may he win the election, but if I never did and I am being accused of it, God knows he will fail the election.
“I demanded the telephone number, not for any personal encounter but so that if any message comes I can give to her privately. Some prophecies should not be made public, but when the person that should receive it privately inhibits the opportunity of giving it to him or her privately, God may force you to air it publicly because the thing burns like fire in your life. I don’t take bribe from anybody.
“God blessed me o. Many people think that I’m living by the people’s offertory. Throughout my 18 years in GRA, I never fed with one kobo from the offertory. I’m a musician. I have released some music and they are multi-million naira worth of musical works, and my music is a gift just like this prophecy. I go to bed to sleep and the songs come. I wake up and I’ll remember. I don’t even know how to write solfa notation. It’s just a gift but I’ve taken an oath that whatever God will give to me, I’ll use it for charity; to help the poor, the less privileged and to assist the ministry and the church.
“So, what am I collecting money from Mrs. Jonathan to do? If I need money from them, I know what was offered me; it ought not to be that kind of money. When the saga was going on, some people said I was given N5m, but if I tell you the amount of money in the bag they came with, you’ll drop that tape-recorder you are holding. What happened on the altar that day, we were praying for them to win the election o. I didn’t give any message. I didn’t prophesy on the day the woman (Mrs. Jonathan) came.
“I prayed for them because they came for prayer. But the message on 31st night (December) was pure prophecy, undiluted, just like the prophecy of 31st December 2013 that the Nigerian oil boom is going to turn to oil doom. That Jonathan should wake up and diversify our economy; that in no distant time our naira would have a problem while our oil would fall in the international oil market. Let us maximise the boom time to be ready to face the oil doom period.
“The analogy given then was Joseph in Genesis 49:19 that he continued to gather and gather until there was more than enough, but nobody listened. Many men of God started criticising me. Why can’t you do your own prophecy and go? I never criticised any man of God because of his message, if it’s true, let it come to pass. If it’s not true, let it be the way you and your God will understand it”.

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