Frank Edwards and Don Moen Set To Collaborate On 5-Track EP

Frank Edwards and legendary worship leader Don Moen are collaborating on a new track dropping soon.

The Nigerian gospel artiste made the announcement few days ago via his Twitter account.

Apparently, Don Moen and Frank Edwards agreed to collaborate on a ‘5 track EP’ today in a meeting in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Apart from the album collaboration agreement, the meeting was also a mentoring session, as Frank’s tweets after the meeting suggested.

An EP (Extended-Play) is a compilation of 4-5 tracks longer than a single but shorter than an album.

An EP can contain 1 or 2 main tracks while the others on the compilation may be remixes or instrumentals of the main tracks.

However, the nature of Frank Edwards and Don Moen’s EP was unknown at the time of filing this report.

Don Moen has in the past 2 years has become a frequent visitor to Nigeria, making appearances at large and semi-large concerts and programmes across the nation.

Frank Edwards’ next stop is the popular Calabar Carnival where he will ministering on Sunday night.

Don Moen’s latest project is titled: ‘Christmas: A Season of Hope’.


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