Gospel singer gears up for Testimony

Emerging gospel act, Michael Onimole, got a breakthrough not long ago. His experience is different from what many people have in mind when they use the word, ‘breakthrough’.

When he first indicated that he wanted to go into music professionally, his dad, a military man, did not approve of the decision. What the latter wanted for his dear son was to enrol in the military like him, with the conviction that he had all it takes to become a successful soldier.

Predictably, this caused a domestic rumpus in their home. While the artiste, whose trade name is Oba Ara, held on to his talent, the old man would not tolerate a son that would not listen to his words of wisdom.  The man’s posture confirmed the saying that a soldier would still not want to be defeated, even on an issue bordering on career choice.

Fortunately for Oba Ara, however, the father dramatically changed his mind and began to give him support.  He did not only sponsor his first album titled Oba Ara, the Onimole senior also lured his friends to its public presentation.  Also, he gave Oba Ara some money to buy instruments and he is expected to also play a role on Sunday, when the singer plans to launch the video of his second album – Beautiful Testimony.

“It is not that I don’t like the military,” Oba Ara says. “But I believe I don’t have enough strength to go in there. Also, I really love to sing to express my thoughts and glorify the mighty God. I am happy that my dad now gives me a lot of support. He is the one that God now uses to bless my music and this, I consider, is a major story for testimony.”

In the album, due for presentation at LTV 8, Ikeja, Oba Ara  praises God profusely, although he also has a wedding track in it.

Various singers such as Lanre Teriba, Mega 9, Bukola Akinade and actor Baba Ijesa will perform at the event.

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