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Gov. El-Rufai Bans Christians From Preaching In Kaduna

Governor El-Rufai who like President Buhari are alleged to be well known Islamist fundamentalist, will use these new laws to minimise the growth of Christian religion, sending some Pastors to Prison and in effect driving Pastors, Evangelists away from the state and ensuring the dominance of the Islamic faith.

In 2003, President Buhari was alleged to have boasted that it is Allah’s will for him to ensure that Islam is spreed to corners of Nigeria. As it stands now, Hope For Nigeria is sure that the opportunity to Islamize Nigeria have presented itself as Buhari is now the Nigerians President and Mallam El-Rufai, a renowned hate preacher is a governor of a state in Nigeria.

As it a normal practice in Nigeria, if government want to destroy Christians with laws, they will draft it by mentioning Islam as a cover or to deceive the people.

Read below, some of the contents of the anti-Christian laws;

  • In Kaduna you cannot preach without license
  • Every preacher will have to go and get ONLY one year license (renewable every year). That is, you must always preach without an expired license or you risk 2 years imprisonment.

  • If you invite any external preacher (i.e. preacher outside Kaduna state), such a person must be licensed for the duration of his/her stay and the body issuing the license has the right to reject external preacher they feel is not qualify to preach in Kaduna state.

  • Every preacher who want to be licensed will appear before a screening committee. If he/she scales through, he/she will only be given licensed for one year.

  • The law criminalises the use of CDS, Flash Drive and other communication gadgets except in religious building or inside your house.

  • That means, you will be arrested for listening to preaching or religious music inside your cars or in any open place except in your house or religious building.

  • If you preach without license, you are guilty of offence punishable with 2 years imprisonment or a fine of 200,000.

  • You can’t use microphone in your church after 8pm you are guilty of offence punishable with 2 years’ imprisonment or a fine of 200,000.

  • Since all preaching must be done within a building, it means public evangelism will be criminalised. Those who preach early morning, known by some as morning cry and preaching inside bus if arrested will be fined N200,000.

  • This could also means, people will not be allowed to go out for evangelism on streets or move with vehicles with address systems to advertise their programs.

About 9 states in Nigeria assumed the status of Islamic state in a secular country and governed by Islamic law and in most cases, Christians are tried in these courts.

Guys, you sure need to start seeking for God’s intervention on this issue.

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