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Gov. El-Rufai Marks Christian Community Buildings Demolition

Christians in Gbagyi Villa, a 100% Christian community in Kaduna State came out today Thursday, 17th March, 2016 to stage a protest against the tyranny and the persecution of the Kaduna State APC governor, Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai; who has marked all their buildings including all the churches in their community for demolition.

After the marking El-Rufai has given the Christian community 21 days ultimatum to remove their buildings or he will demolish those buildings and the owner of the buildings will pay the state government for the demolition exercise.

He hinged his order on a false allegation that the people don’t have planning permit. Whereas, most of them came out with their planning permit as well as their receipts of payments.

The Arise News Reporter at the scene of the protest could not control his tears as some women were seen rolling on the ground screaming “Is it a crime to be a Christian in Kaduna under APC now? El-Rufai leave us alone.”

Another group of Christian women were also chanting, “El-Rufai, leave us alone, El-Rufai, leave us alone.”

Old women were not left out. They also stormed the protest venue to join the protest.

A very old woman who spoke in Hausa language screamed in Hausa.

This is the interpretation of her agony:
“If El-Rufai is ready to crush our only hope, which is the buildings that our husbands have left for us, then it is better we die on the road protesting than wait for El-Rufai to come and pull down our buildings just because we are Christians.”
“What are other Christian bodies doing to rescue us?” She asked in tears.

Shelter in Christ Orphanage Home for children also stormed the street crying “El-Rufai, what did we do? Why do you want to demolish our only building? Christians all over, talk to El-Rufai.
El-Rufai want to kill us”

Before the protest march could advance to the centre of Kaduna, the state government dispatched Kaduna State security outfit, “Operation Yaki” out to disperse the protesting Christians and stop the protest.

The device used to take the picture of Operation Yaki was destroyed.

Since returning from Mecca, where El-Rufai accompanied Buhari, Rauf Aregbesola, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi in an Islamic Prayer even inside the Kaaba; El-Rufai has intensified his Islamic Agenda, aggravating his persecution of Christians.

Just to mention a few how he is terrorising Christians:

  1. He has ordered that apart from Good Friday and Easter Monday breaks all schools both private and public MUST NOT go on Easter break. Failure to comply shall attract severe sanction.
  2. He has sent an anti preaching bill to the Kaduna State House of Assembly, which is on 2nd reading already.

  3. He is terrorising Christian communities with complete demolition of their houses.

  4. He has marked out all churches in Gbagyi Villa including an orphanage home for demolition.

Help share this news piece with as many Christians and Christian bodies you know. We must employ all spiritual and legal means at our disposal to stop this evil; no matter what lies El-Rufai tries to hide under.

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