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Kefee Obareki Don Momoh of the Branama fame released a double album recently.
Tell us about your double album
The CDs would still be individually themed. One is a gospel theme and entitled Chorus Leader. This reflects more on the gospel side of my music and the title, Chorus Leader. It is a reminiscence of my days in the church as a member of the choir and a chorus leader.
It has a track entitled Chorus Leader which is a medley of various gospel songs that play for over 20 minutes. Then there is Congratulations featuring Duncan Mighty. Another track is Who Get Ear that features a group called DC Envoys which has comedian, Gordons as member. It also contains both versions of the already released Sapele Water, produced by TY-Mix and K-Solo, respectively.
The second part of the album has more secular songs. It is entitled Beautiful and would also contain a track of the same name. The track is inspired by my husband, Don Momoh.
Then there’s Dan Maliyo which is currently rotating on the airwaves and features the Ghanaian singer, Becca. Eguono features the EME rapper, Skales. Peace Song preaches peace in the country against the backdrop of the spate of violence in the country. On it, I enlisted the help of a host of artistes, including Omotola, Splash, Emem, Skales, Jahborn, Zeal, Lami, Eben and Eedris.
Is there any particular reason for dropping so much in double album?
It’s been a while I released an album and I have a lot of songs. So, I decided to separate them because I have some beautiful choruses I would like to share. I made this first one the spiritual part of me and the other, the physical part.
Aren’t you stylishly jumping on the secular bandwagon because it is more lucrative?
I will not say so. I am a human being and I don’t have a manual on how to live my life. The manual we have is the Bible, and even the Bible teaches us to make good use of every opportunity we have. I cannot get inspired to write a song, a love song for instance, and refuse because people in church won’t like it. We fall in love in the church and that is not spiritual, but physical. We have pastors with businesses all over; it doesn’t affect their spiritual life.
I do what I think is good, as long as it is right and inspiring. This is not the first time I am doing a song that is not ‘churchy’. I have written songs about Nigeria, the African woman and others. It is still the same Kefee.
What was the inspiration for your mega hit track, Branama?
I had reasons to be happy at that time. That is all I can say. Branama means show-off. I asked God for something and He did it for me and I thought it was the best to do the song. That was actually the last song on the album, it wasn’t expected. I just sat in front of our house in Sapele when it came to my mind. I was skeptical at first, then I sang it to my producer and we went to Port Harcourt. At first, he didn’t get it, but we recorded it and it was a success.
Many are of the opinion that you’re too flashy for a gospel singer
Well, I am first of all, a human being. I decided to do the kind of music I do and everybody cannot love me. There are many people who love what I do, so I cannot bother myself about the few who do not. I personally cannot like what everybody likes. There is no manual to do what I am doing. Nobody said ‘Kefee, this is the way it should be done.’ This is my life and this is the way I am. If you see me dress like that, that’s the way I feel. If you see me put hair on my head, that’s the way I feel; I cannot put myself in the box. I like freedom of expression because that is what makes life interesting.
What about the claim online that you are 21 years old?
I was not the one that said that. I think it was on my birthday and a friend, Evaezi, put on twitter that I was celebrating my 21st birthday and people started re-tweeting. I actually thought it was a joke. Even if I decided to say anything, it is my life. That period, I had just released a single with Becca and in that single, I introduced myself and even gave an idea of my age. I’m an early 80’s child and I am proud of it. That to me is not an issue.Iit was just a distraction and I shouldn’t even think it as a controversy.
And your post online about sex and best time for it, what was that supposed to mean?
Forget about that one.
How about your restaurant, an extra avenue for income?
It is not about the money. I decided to open it because I have a passion for food. And that is like a dream come true because I’ve had it in mind for a very long time.
A number of gospel singers are springing up by the day with wild buzz, doesn’t that startle you?
I am not tied to being a gospel artiste. They know these songs and want to dance away all the problems we have. Nigerians are happy people, regardless of all. Right now, everybody wants to dance and we are dancing. So I don’t see it as a competition.

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