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“If I Have S*X, I Will Sing About It”, Gospel Musician, Maheeda

Musician Maheeda has always been known for courting controversy. So when the singer,who is famous for her semi-nudé photos, suddenly proclaimed last year that she was born-again, the news was received with amusement and disbelief.

And it seems they were right to take her “conversion” with a pinch of salt. The star, who became a gospel musician when she reportedly converted, is not born again anymore.

She has reportedly returned to her old ways of posting pictures of herself, half-clad, on the internet.

One of her fans apparently caught wind of her “backsliding” when she made a less than Christian comment and he challenged her by asking on Twitter if it was true that she was into gospel music. And to this Maheeda reportedly responded:

“My music is based on life. If I have séx, I will sing about it.”

Well, there you have it.
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