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I’m A Now Born Again Christian – Fuji Singer, Adewale Ayuba Confesses


Adewale Ayuba

The popular fuji artiste, who made the revelation while speaking with News of the People in commemoration of his 50th birthday, also described the day he decided to give his life to Jesus Christ as the happiest day of his life.

“I will not lie to you. When I remember the day I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I am happy [sic], the day I became a born again, that was my happiest day. Now I realise this life is to worship God”, he said.

On how he overcame the conflict of professing to be born again and a fuji artist, which largely has its origins founded on Islam, Mr. Johnson said: “I remember I had a lot of Islamic clerics who came to pray for me and when they left, I would still go to my room to read the Bible. I think my conviction was in the Bible. It got to a stage that my children would be laughing. They would say, ‘Daddy, choose one’. But I did not want to pick like you said, because of Fuji. It has Islamic origin, my background, how would my family feel?”

He said further,

“I didn’t want to offend this; I didn’t want to offend that but I discovered that religion or belief has nothing to do with your musical life and no one says we are listening to your music because of your personal life or so”.

On the significance of his attaining the golden age of 50, he said life now has a different meaning to him, as he now takes each day as it comes, focuses on God and takes things easy.

“I thank God because it’s a big opportunity. It’s only God that can make one get to that age. I thank God for His mercy over my life and I am grateful to God for the door of understanding that He opened to me. I am always conscious of the fact that we did not come to this world with anything and we are not going with anything”, he said.

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