[INTERVIEW] Meet Very Inspiring Ireland Based Beautiful Nigerian Gospel artiste, Nkem Dike

Very inspiring ireland based Naija gospel artiste Nkem Dike talks about her child hood, life as a single mother of three (3), her business and music career in an interview with NaijaGospelWorld correspondent.

Read interview below:
Who is Nkem Dike? 

Res: Nkem Dike is a Dublin based dynamic song writer and gospel artist. She is also a multi passionate entrepreneur who’s goal and vision is to be a channel of blessing and impact positively as many lives that cross her part. She is the CEO of 2 Cute Cakes.

Tell me about your childhood, where did you spend your childhood?

Res: Was born and bred in Port-harcourt. Spent my childhood days mostly in PH  and occasionally in Warri during holidays as my dad worked there.
My childhood was fun growing up with my 6 siblings( 3 brothers and 3 sisters), though sometimes we often fight  and get into arguments but home was lively. 
Growing up, I was very introverted and shy, Im still shy so that kind of made me withdrawn from others but I guess that helped me develop in my song writing skills.

Is your father an indigene of Rivers State?

Res: No, my father is an indigene of Awka in Anambra state.

Tell me about your personal life & and family

Res: Born into a family of 7, the 3rd girl and 5th child, so I call myself the Grace child(5)… I love dancing and singing but when not engrossed in that, I bake delicious cakes. I’m the CEO of 2Cute Cakes, a Dublin cake company specializes in homemade cakes.. I’m a single mother of 3 adorable children.
I’m also a speaker and the author of The Empowered Me, a personal development book available in amazon and many online bookstores.

What is it like being a single mother of three?
What are the challenges & how do you cope with them?

Res: Phew!! Very challenging, a lot of hard work especially when they are teenagers, but  they are the most amazing gift from God, and they are my Why..
Challenges is that teenagers these days have a mind of their own and would always want to have their ways, but we have built a relationship whereby we are open and free to talk about any and everything so my kids are very free with me. That helps in dealing with challenges as they come.

Let’s talk about your career.
When did you start singing?

Res: Started singing at a young age, got into my secondary school choir, then church choir and have grown from there

Which church?

Res: The first church choir I joined was Faith Life Ministries in Rumumasi PH…currently serving as the praise/ worship leader of Hope and Glory ministries Dublin

When did decide to take it up as a career?
& what inspired you to take it up as a career?

Res: It has been my side career really while joggling other things but I decided to fully focus and be a blessing to others after I got a revelation from God’s word that says *you are the light of the world. That hit me. If I don’t shine my light, some people will remain in darkness, so they need my light to find their path, people are dependant on me. So that inspired me to really use my gift.

What are your greatest challenges as gospel Artist?

Res: The church not fully supporting and promoting gospel artists. They trivialize the gift of gospel artists and that can be very challenging but thank God for some who have placed value on the gifts of artist to support and promote their works.

Lastly, What advice do you have for other gospel Artists? Especially those looking up to you

Res: To always seek the face of God and get their inspiration from him irrespective of the latest style of music. Stay teachable and hungry for God’s presence and glory…that’s what makes the difference.
Lastly, no matter who they admire and aspire to be like. They should be their true to their authentic self.

Nkem Dike has an album to her credit with beautiful hit songs like “Imela Nna, Igwe, Thank you & Champion” Album available on every online digital stores. 

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