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INTERVIEW:: My life as a female drummer – Ibikunoluwa Akinrinde

Ibikunoluwa Akinrinde is a drummer and member of a gospel band in Abeokuta.

She specialises in playing the talking drum. She talked to PREMIUM TIMES about her passion for drumming and inspiration.

Tell us about yourself.
Ibukun: I am the first child in a family of six. I have two sisters and a brother. I attended Redeemers High School at the Redemption Camp for my secondary education, after which I proceeded to Bowen University for my tertiary education where I studied one of the best courses in the world, Food Science and Technology. At the moment, I am running a master’s program in Food Technology at the University of Ibadan

Why are you into music and when did you start?

Ibukun: I guess I have been into music since I was younger. I’m into music to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for my life. I did not plan being in music at all. I wanted to be a career woman in my field but all of a sudden the whole gist changed and another thing cropped up.

What is your motivation and challenges?

Ibukun: I guess God has different plans for our lives. I noticed back then during my undergraduate days. There was this guy who came around to play the talking drum once in a while. Anytime he played, there was always a change in the atmosphere. The sound of the drum always made a difference. So I thought, instead of having this guy come once in a while, why don’t I step in his shoe and play every Sunday. That was how I ventured into playing the talking drum. As a female drummer, I am the shy type. I have the challenge of having to be bold, free and sociable. Although I have adjusted big time but at times, I still feel shy. My sister, Ayobami, and another drummer, Odunayo, have been helping me by smiling at me on stage. This eases the tension and the shyness.

Does your family have any link with drumming and what was your family disposition to it when you ventured into it?

Ibukun: My family is not from the Ayan (traditional drumming) family, so people call me Ayanyanjuran. My parents, siblings and uncles supported me back then and they are still supportive. It was one of my uncles that got me my first talking drum. They have really been supportive and they attend my performances once in a while.

Don’t you feel odd when you introduce yourself as a drummer, in a trade largely associated with men?

Ibukun: I don’t feel odd at all. At times, when I’m drumming and people are looking at me in amazement I wonder what’s causing it. Some will walk up to me and keep looking at my left hand. I enjoy myself playing the drum.

Do you see your male counterparts as a threat?

Ibukun: My males counterparts are no threats to me. We are one big family in APDON (Association of Professional Drummers of Nigeria), they are always ready to help anytime I’m in need of it. No regret so far, God has been faithful.

You are a university graduate, do you want to dump your certificate for music/drumming?

Ibukun: That’s a big question, but God willing I want to go into lecturing so I can have time for my music career. Working in the food industry will keep me from music.

Where do you hope to be in the next few years in the music industry?

Ibukun: In the next few years, God willing, I should be touching more lives and reaching out to more parts of the world through drumming. I also trust God that in a few years’ time, I will have been stronger and better in the music industry.

What advice do you have for young ones like you in the area of potential?

Ibukun: For upcoming artistes like me who are young, don’t ever give up on your dream and never despise the days of little beginning. Trust in God and believe in yourself

Your message to your fans?

Ibukun: To my wonderful fans out there, keep your fingers crossed as I bring out more of God’s best in me. So much love to you all.

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