Is it sinful for ladies to put on trousers to church?

Wearing of trousers by Nigerian ladies has generated a lot of controversies. People have continued to argue if the practice is sinful or not.
While some churches welcome and promote it, others preach against it. Those who are against it base their stand on Deuteronomy 22:  5, which says: “The woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”
Churches, which do not condemn wearing of trousers by women, believe that grace has put an end to such law.
Some people, especially young females, decide the church they will attend based on whether wearing of trousers is allowed or not. We spoke to people on this burning issue and here are their responses.
Isaac Bassey, Student
According to what is in the Bible, ladies are not permitted to wear trousers in the first place, not to talk of putting it on when they go to church. The Bible says they should not; anyone that does so is going against God’s commandment.
Cletus Orisama, Businessman
It depends on what an individual likes. But, I feel any lady wearing trousers is going contrary to God’s word, as the Bible makes us to know that trousers belong to men.
Dallington Amefula, Businessman
I prefer trousers to skirts. I believe trousers cover more. There is a way you will want to sit, but will not be free to do so when wearing skirts.
Gloria Martins, Clearing and Forwarding Agent
As a lady, I do not feel it matters to wear trousers to church. I prefer it because it makes me feel free and covered. What God requires is your heart and not what you are wearing. In my church, we do put on trousers. But recently, my pastor placed a ban on wearing Jeans because some girls wear low waist to church and this reveals their upper backside. So, what is permitted in my church now is only ‘material’ and suit trousers.
Pius Okpe, Politician
When you talk about discrimination in dressing code, you have to look at it beyond our country and continent. How do you judge the women in the western world, who do not know anything about wrapper? You can see that it is their culture to put on trousers. They were brought up that way.
But, here in our part of the world, some people tend to look at women who wear trousers to church as disobedient and worldly.
To me, I concur with Pastor Chris Oyahkilome’s notion that Christianity is not based on what you put on, but the nature of your heart. Sometimes, I feel some women wear trousers to make their backside flatter to enable them look attractive. Some other persons may put on trousers because it makes them feel comfortable, free and smart.
Sometimes human beings abuse opportunities. Even though I love this fashion, I will never allow my wife or daughter to wear trouser to church.
Nkechi Ejike, Businessman
I do not like the idea at all because trousers are meant for men, not women.
David Olime, Theologian and Missionary
Personally, it is okay because I wonder when people say the Bible says that women should not put on trousers. The Bible does not specify this. It is the command of Moses and not God. If we can remember in Numbers, where Balaam called for Balak to curse the Isrealites. God changed his words and he was blessing instead of cursing the Israelites. Then Balaam asked what he would do to destroy the Isrealites. Balak responded that it is only one thing that can be done, which is to send his women into the camp of Israel to make them commit immorality, which God hates.
This made God angry and he punished them. This Moses noticed and tried to stop them from disguising with the garments of the opposite sex. This is the origin of the command of women not wearing men’s garments; likewise men not wearing women’s garments.
But, at times we abuse some privileges. I do not accept the idea of wearing leggings by women. This tends to expose their bodies.
If we are concerned in interpreting the portion of the Bible that say women should not put on that which belongs to men to be only on trousers and leave out the portion that says we should not plant similar crops on the same land, then who are we deceiving?
Regina Isu, Fashion Designer
I see it as an abomination; I do not like it in anyway. When I see some mothers wear it, they make me feel repulsive.
Ejiro George, Artiste
My view on this is indifferent. I have once heard someone telling a pastor that she would not attend his church because their General Overseer does not condemn wearing of trousers by ladies.
Maureen Ogwu, Hair Stylist
I believe the church is all about the heart and not what you wear. It depends on your heart. Though, this does not mean we should not be decent in our appearances. If you know from your heart that what you are wearing to church is not okay, then it is not.
Source: Daily Independent

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