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[JOKE] Please Install Projector in Church

Churches should please endeavour to mount projectors during service, so that song lyrics could be displayed for most people who murder songs.

A girl sat beside me in church and was singing;

“I will sin unto the lord, a joyful song… I will raise his name.. For the lord is rude…”

I was wondering what she meant by “the lord is rude??”
She didn’t even care, she continued rather.

“10 glory father… 10 glory son… 10 glory holy ghost… now and forever more”

And I’m like “Wetin!!!”
As if that was not enough, she continued…

“Owerri to Calvary he went for me, he went for me…. He died to sell me free”

I wanted to shout, then she just dropped the final blast.

“Jehovah is your name, Jehovah is your name, 19 warriors, 8 in battle, Jehovah is your name.”


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