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[JOKES] Mother and Boyfriend Rebuke

Your mum shouted at you for not cleaning the house and u said “Mami, leave me alone!”
Then your boyfriend scolded you for leaving him online and sleeping off, you begin to cry.
Please my sister, come forward
Come, Come, Come!
Don’t b afraid my sister
What is happening to u ehn, is not ordinary o
God has remembered u today
Oya raise your hand up ✋✋✋
Raise it up very well
Den bend it and place it on your head
Preferably where your mind tells you your brain is located.
Oya repeat after me;
My father! My father!! My father!!!
Wherever they have buried my sense and my brain,
In my maternal village
In my paternal village
In the coffin
Vomit it now!
Oya start shouting
Vomit now, vomit now, now, now, now, now!!!!!!
Shake your head while shouting o

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