Jonathan belittled his office by kneeling in front ofAdeboye publicly – Tunde Bakare

They have signaled the campaign by going to kneel down
before Pastor Adeboye. See, I am not saying that pastors
should not pray for presidents, that man was representing
an office; a whole nation crumbling before men of God
because of political advantage they think they can get. If the prayer will bail him out, let us wait and see.

The truth is who is preparing for 2015, which faction of the
PDP? Is it the Olusegun Obasanjo faction? Or IBB faction? Or
Jonathan faction? The governors’ faction? Because PDP is a
house divided against itself; it’s a chicken that has begun to
eat its own intestines.

By going to kneel down in the open before the pastor, the
man Jonathan did not even recognise the dignity of his
office. If it were a private thing, it is okay for you to crawl
or kneel but it is a whole nation.
That office has been diminished by a man who does not
know the worth of it and does not deserve to stay there
for one more day.

Supposing the President chooses to come and
fellowship at your church, what would you do?

Let him try it. Jonathan dares not and if he does, he will sit
at the back.

What is the Nigeria of your dream?

The Nigeria that works in my lifetime, that is the Nigeria of
my dream. My ears have heard about this great nation, my
eyes will see it in my own lifetime. I am not an ambitious
person and that is why I can come back here.

Do you Agree with him?

Reporting for NaijaGospel

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