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Kenyan Prophet Allegedly Struggles For ‘Miracle’ In Nigeria

According to ThisDayLive, the pastor was said to have struggled to perform “miracles”on his visit to Nigeria. It was reported that when Prophet Dr Owuor arrived at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, he was crowded by believers and non-believers who wanted a miracle or two from him.

One of the most surprising things that also happened at the airport was when the man of God declined to “bless” a man who had a rosary until he removed the annoying religious symbol. According to ThisDayLive, Prophet Dr Owuor was introduced to Nigeria by Rev Israel N. Israel, who runs a Port Harcourt-based church called Glorious Covenant Church.

“It was through this small congregation in the Niger Delta that controversial Kenyan preacher David Owuor who goes by the title ‘prophet’ crept into Nigeria; paying uncelebrated visits in 2011 and 2012,” the website reports.

Prophet Dr Owuor was also said to have verbally attacked a popular televangelist, TB Joshua, when he said: “My visit signals an end to ‘gospel of money’ where you have people come from South Africa and all these countries and you sell water and all kinds of things to them. I come to rise up against the gospel of money that is in this city. The gospel of buy your morning water, whichever water, gather people from Southern Africa, carry money to greet the men of God.”

Further describing the prophet, ThisDayLive wrote: “Owuor carries the stigma of a fake preacher, even in his home country. And many decent and self-respecting clergy keep their distance from him. Try as they did, the Repent Now Nigeria group was not able to get a buy-in from the organised body of Christians like the Christian Association of Nigeria and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.”

The heavily beaded prophet’s meeting which attracted just about 400 people (which is a sharp contrast of what happens in his country) almost ended with a tragedy when a floodlight mast fell on a small boy during a rain storm.

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