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LYRICS:: God Dey – Eben

Verse 1
Some people dey for call and dey
Wetin you dey do wey you hammer
Them know say you no get father
And you are more than a trader
Some wonder who go choose your
Fine clothes
Some dey wonder how you dey get
Wetin be your know
Them want know, tell me say they
Want know
What you dey see is just the hand
Of God
Wetin you dey see, it’s not by
Trust God, your time go come
For who the Lord has blessed,
No one can curse
Them asking..
Tell them say God dey
Tell them say Baba dey
Tell them say God dey
And He no dey sleep o
Verse 2
Sister, tell me when you go marry
That is all them be asking
Pretty soon, you know you’ll
Be hurting
And your clock is ticking
I hope you know you can’t be here
I wanna see my grandson and daughters
See your family is here, they
All are bothered
Maybe you should talk, they want
Some answers
There is a man for every woman,
A woman for every man
But it’s not a competition
And I hope you understand
Make you help me
Repeat Chorus 2x
He no dey sleep o (2x)
He no dey sleep o (2x)
He no dey sleep o (2x)
He no dey sleep o (2x)
Verse 3
Repeat Chorus till fade

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