LYRICS:: #SOTK 3 – JaySmoke

Prayer by John Piper

Am a SOTK, chale
The Devil can’t touch me, chale
The Devil can’t reach me, chale
The Devil can’t see me
Miye SOTK, chale
I live for the King of kings man
I serve for the King of kings man
I’ma die for the King of kings man

Verse 1 – Edna
Me nnin Nyame na me mmoade y3/
Me tiri b) mu na me nan ase ny3/
Me stitchy d3maa ade yi ara synth3/
Me life basaa d3 akok) ns3ns3/
Madend3n, me mmoade no aa merey3no 3no ara na mep3/
3ny3 Kristo na Wanya me ho abotare aa anka obonsam no wate me t3/
Wate me t3 wahwe me d3 santil3f3 anka menenam by heart/
Mennya b3nyin bi mpo aa s3bi )b3 se me p3 aah! anka bad luck/
Nanso Kristo anya meho abotare W’ay3 me triumph, Way3 me iron/
He’s a Lion up in zion tell the devil move on now with your bygone./

Verse 2 – Nuel Truimph
Sons of the king, you can call this a royal convergence/
It’s the dawn of a new day and I pray that the heaven’s come bear witness/
To the annihilation of these servants of Satan, it’s slaughter, it’s slaughter/
For Jesus I took off my shoes, now both my feet are simply walking on water/
Chale you for play safe, are you aware that there’s an after-life/
You ever stopped for a second to ask yourself what’s really gonna happen next after life/


Verse 3 – Kevin PY
Am a pastor I wouldn’t lie I dont lyk it wen they rate us/
Son of the king ma guy u under please dont estimate us/
Light and darkness no dey collaborate /
Na we dey propagate the word/
So like the stair case is broken now we elevate/
Dont care bout ma liver/
so am smoking up this beat, repeat ma guy for u to decipher/
ma siliver vexing so me na rattta/

Verse 4 – Atakora
Se m3kumeho ay3 biribi ama Onyame aa mendwene ho/
Efiris3 brother no aa wawu hy3 motuary no mensene no/
Dua aa na akyia na y’abu na y’ato atwene no/
Eno na Yesu bae befae na )san nso tene no/
Jesus is the son of God, He came to lay His life for all/
Wagye israel agye china fo), nea Way3 yi mo mma y3n ma No/
Applause abornsame!


Verse 5 – Eminent Legend
Breda, wiasi no way3 dzin, Buh )nokyere d33 k)gye juju/
Cz menim papa biaa ndzin su, )li reign high sen osei tutu/
Fa wohu t) nudo, na m3suu, Ndzin ne Christo Yesu/
)li baa waisi nyinaa lib3 hun, Ami mehun, ew) b3hun/
)noti checki, wa abrabo east to the west/
)b3 tweeting, worse to the best/
As far as, the east from the west/
Na awoso akad33/
am the Son Of The King/
am the Son Of The King/

Verse 6 – Reinny Ray
Yo Paws/
Tellem we the Sons of the king That’s it/
Jay Told me only 8 bars p3, bust it/
1st shout outs all ma boys and all you who got me/
Sin’s eye is a ‘range’ but it cant ‘spot’ me/
We no go watch the throne we be the heirs tell jigga/
loaded with the bible like gunz no trigger/
DHL flow see the way that i deliver/
No tommy but we higher than the hill go figure/
With their evil eye they be eyeing me buh never bothered yh i am me
They dont know that they iron me like when they heat its the irony
We discovered their agony with some kind of arguments
Now they be telling me ‘I din mean’ but the blessings be adding me


Bridge – JaySmoke
Yoo Mike Mills we done did it again man/
Yes you know what it is, Son of the King 3 representing/
We buy the truth and we sell it not/
Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords/
It’s your boy JaySmoke, Edna, Atakora, Nuel, Reinny Ray, Eminent, Kevin PY/
You know what it is, hollatyabowy

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