Many Pastors who died in recent times, died from Stress

Essa Ogori, a Pastor
Dare Adeboye, a Pastor
T B Joshua, a Pastor
Steve Akinola, a Pastor

They are all PASTORS

What killed them? STRESS
I don’t want to waste my time arguing about who is genuine or fake among them.
I leave that to those who are anointed for such.
I simply want to make it clear that MANY PASTORS WHO DIED in recent times died from STRESS!

You worry about Church bills, House rent, Spoilt equipment, Inconsistent members, Uncommitted ones, Unfaithful workers, Insensitive superiors, Rebellious subordinates, Cantankerous board, Unsupportive spouse, Cynical relatives, Nonchalant neighbors, Rain falling on Sunday morning, Maintaining the Headquarters as a G.O, Sustaining branches under you, Remittances to Headquarters as a branch pastor, Staff salaries, Targets by authorities, Indigent members that need help, the list goes on.

You lie down to sleep only to discover you have been awake all night.
Yet you must appear cool, calm, and smiling before the people or questions will start flying.
You must appear strong even when your body is ravaged by stress-induced ailments.
You have to encourage members even when you are in despair.
You shout “it is well” when actually you are in a well.
They just have to keep on maintaining a facade the people expect.

Then suddenly the man falls down and dies, or goes to bed and doesn’t wake up. The media gets awash with eulogies, how you were a great man, generous, genuine, and many sweet words.

Your church authorities will tell whoever cares to listen how you were a loyal dedicated pastor.

Your subordinates will lament how they have lost a great leader!!! Your spouse will be shedding tears calling you a wonderful husband, father bla, bla, bla.

Everybody will contribute money, even those who never gave u one kobo while you are alive.

A big casket will be bought, an Italian suit put on your embalmed corpse, then crowds will gather and put you in the ground.

Pastors are an endangered specie! Even in the face of all of these you still find in the media space and in society a kind of conspiracy to malign pastors. If they are not accused of living flamboyantly, they get accused of diabolism.

Please is there any profession on this earth that doesn’t have fakes and fraudulent members?
Has society banned or cast aspersions on entire professions bcos of the evil activities of a few bad eggs?
But the entire clergy in Nigeria gets ridiculed and blasted just for the wrongs of the few fake ones.

Pastor Essa was in a sick bed and news of how he canceled a wedding went viral. False news at that! The next thing we heard the man slept and didn’t wake up. The same evil society that lambasted him the previous week went haywire eulogizing his death. What a generation!

Many pastors are having BP problems right now. Nobody is doing anything to help them. Tomorrow when they sleep and do not wake up, everybody will start singing hypocritical lullabies.

For how long shall we continue like this?

You are wondering if I am fine. No! I’m not fine. I have not been fine for a very long time. Yes. Is my life at risk? I don’t know.

People are dying, aren’t they? How many people have asked what is killing them?

Go and see your pastor and ask him how it is with him, his family, and his health. Don’t only visit your pastor when u have a need. They ALSO HAVE NEEDS; they have bills, not only for the church but personal bills. They desire to be loved too, the same way you do.

They love being asked how they are. Stop seeing them as superhumans. They are not! They are flesh and blood like you. Only the grace upon them makes them distinct. I don’t know what else to say. The Lord bless us all.



Dear Pastor,

It is a great sacrifice how much your labor in the vineyard; Praying, Studying, Teaching, Counselling, Comforting, Rebuking, Giving, Leading, Thinking, Planning, Praising, Motivating, Writing, Visiting, etc.

All of them sometimes seem not to be yielding fruit;

Sometimes, instead of the work growing, people are leaving.
Sometimes, the ones you’re praying for, gossip about you.
Sometimes, the ones you taught, fight you, claiming the same knowledge you taught them.
Sometimes, the ones you gave your all, leave you for being local, but you were not local when they came to you in need.
Sometimes, they are under your leadership team, but also in Absalom’s camp.
Sometimes, you go hungry and none of them notice the dimness in your eyes, because you keep smiling.

Let’s not even talk about what some other men of God did to you; in jealousy, envy, and bitterness.

A lot that Pastors go through without complaining. When you see a pastor shout or make mistakes, it’s not often because he does not know the truth, but the strain of this work is beyond human capacity. Don’t be quick to judge a pastor.

Beloved, He that called you knows all you are going through. He factored all these in when He called you. Even that struggle within, He factored it in and still called you.

I just want to encourage a Brother Or a Sister in ministry. He Who called us is faithful and He will help us. He will keep you from falling, He will supply your needs, and He will be there when you cry in the night.

I know your pain Sir and Ma, I have experienced them too. Hear the Lord this day; “I will not leave you nor forsake you. He will show up for you even if everyone walks away.

I you know a Pastor or a Minister of God, please send this to them and encourage them.
Don’t ever think they don’t need it.


Credit: Unknown (Please reach out to us to be credited)
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