MTN Project Fame is the best TV reality show, says Christian Owusu

He was one of the inmates at the MTN Project Fame Academy when the Nigerian talent, Chidinma won. Christian Owusu, who didn’t make it to the end of the talent hunt session, had a chat on his experience at the academy. Excerpts:

Tell us your experience during your stay in the MTN Project Fame?
My stay on MTN  Project Fame was very good. I learnt so many things that I didn’t know before. Also, meeting with the teachers in the academy was great and the way they taught us was very wonderful. I can say that MTN Project Fame is the best TV reality show where you can develop your talent.

Describe your relationship with the other housemates.
I had a cordial relationship with the house mates. We also had fun, even with our teachers, so I will say I had a good relationship with everyone and it was a great feeling, knowing you have a good rapport with other competitors.

Was anybody a threat to you during your stay?
Nobody was a threat to me because, we all have our own unique talent. Everybody had his or her way of singing but nobody was a threat to me. I believe in myself, I tried to be who I am, not a second version of someone else. But I really love Chidinma’s voice and the way she sings.

Why did you leave the show before your time?
What really happened was that I was not feeling so well and I had a collision with one of the other contestants while rehearsing for the usual weekend performance. After that, I was taken to the hospital and subjected to a thorough medical examination and CT scan. The academy medical team helped me a lot and I’m grateful to them.

So, what do you do now?
Right now, I am into gospel music. ‘Am out with a single entitled : (MAKOMA) meaning my heart. The video is also out.

Why gospel, with your type of voice, why not R&B?
It’s where I fit in very well, it is not that I can’t do any music apart from gospel, I think it’s where I fit right now, and I’m doing  this with joy and passion.

So, what are the challenges you face as an artiste that is still finding his feet in the industry?
Well, the only challenge I can think of right now is that  I am a new artiste and I have to bring a different style all together because there are also other people doing the same genre that I am doing. So, in order to stand out from the rest, I have to bring something new that will differentiate me from the rest.

Who would you say is your role model?
It has to be Luther Vandross. He was someone I see as my icon.

What keeps you company?
My Ipod is my companion.

W here do you see yourself in the next five years?
I plan to be the hottest vocalist in the whole wide world.

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