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Nigeria will recover from current challenges – Oyedepo

The founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, is optimistic that Nigeria will recover supernaturally from its current challenges.

He added that Nigeria would not go down the drain, blaming Nigeria’s current challenges on systemic failure.

Oyedepo, who is the Chancellor of the Landmark University (LMU), Omu-Aran, Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, said this at the 5th anniversary of the institution.

The clergyman said: “I don’t see the problems with the government. I see them as systemic. You give a job to a contractor; he won’t do it. He will be looking for whom to give money to so as to cut corners. Then the job is not done and nobody can question him. So we are dealing with a systemic problem; it is not an individual problem and we must look for a solution to it.”

He urged President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to come out with a definite position on the lingering scarcity of the premium motor spirit (PMS) in the country.

He said: “People in government are much in touch with some of the issues. See where we are on the fuel situation. What is the reason? Where are we going? What is the solution they are proffering? If they are increasing the pump prices, let us know. Right now, they sell fuel at various prices everywhere. We used to have black market, but it is ‘black fuel station’ and they have the right to sell at any price because they are private marketers. The government needs to come out with a definite position on the fuel situation.

“Where we are today is not where we used to be. The effect of the foreign exchange has a lot do with the small scale industry. And that is where the bulk of the Nigerian unemployment is. Anybody can make mistake. If the people in authority are not sensitive to the plight of the people, we will keep on making mistakes. My understanding is that it is never late to be right. If a decision is made and you discover the decision is not helping the system, we should do an informed review.

“What I am saying is that things have not been working, and we are all aware of this. Individuals have a lot of parts to play to recover the dignity of our nation. These problems have been coming over the years. For instance, think of power. Since this democracy started, power has been a major challenge. Why is it not working? What is happening? Why are we still largely a consuming nation? Because the infrastructure required to be a manufacturing nation is not there. And nobody can run anything here with generator. It will be too costly.

“I think government should have its priorities. What are the fundamentals that can move Nigeria forward? If we have the right platforms for investors to come in, we will solve some of these problems.

“It is not enough to think of the way out. We should go beyond thinking to reasoning- logical, rational and analytical thinking. These are issues and possible ways out. It is all about cost-effective solutions.”

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