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Nigerian Catholic Priest Comes Out as Gay in USA

A former Nigerian Catholic priest, has openly come out as being gay in USA as he announces his engagement on Facebook with his gay lover.

John Adewoye was ordained as a Catholic priest in Ilorin Diocese, Kwara State 28 years ago. He later traveled to USA and now, he advocates for gay asylum seekers in Chicago. John is now engaged to his male gay lover and will soon be walking down the aisle with him. 
Below is what he posted on his Facebook: 
“Twenty-eight years ago today I was ordained a Catholic priest. Though no longer an official priest in Catholic Church, I carry the dignity of the priesthood with me as it inspires my ministry currently as a counselor, activist and a role model both at my job and in the LGBTI community.
Outside the official priesthood, I thank God, particularly for the gift of freedom and the opportunity to be me and be with others in my shoes. That is only possible by shedding the official priestly regalia. I feel proud of my past, though not perfect. 
I feel happy with my present though it is a journey. I thank all those who have supported my life process in any way. I say happy anniversary to me and my lover.” 

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