Nosa Featured at Bethel Multi-Cultural Worship Night in USA, Reveals New Identity

The gospel music landscape has witnessed an extraordinary event as internationally renowned gospel music artist, Nosa Omoregie, formerly known as NOSA, took center stage at the prestigious Bethel Worship muti-cultural night of worship and Night of Encounter in the United States. This remarkable occasion was not only an evening of soul-stirring melodies and spiritual rejuvenation but also marked a significant turning point in Nosa’s artistic journey.

The Worship night was hosted by Bethel Pastor Jamila O, Page, and had other Bethel Worship leaders such as John Fajuke lead the people of God in an exciting and powerful worship session in a divine atmosphere that uplift the spirits and elevated souls.

Nosa Omoregie, celebrated for his exceptional ability to fuse poignant messages of faith with enchanting melodies, has carved an indelible niche for himself in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. His musical repertoire is adorned with chart-topping hits that have resonated deeply with audiences, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries.

With a passion to evolve and, a commitment to transcend his previous achievements, Nosa Omoregie has made the audacious decision to rebrand from NOSA to Nosa Omoregie. This transformation encapsulates his growth, evolution, and unwavering dedication to creating music that touches souls and ignites spiritual awakening.
“The transition to Nosa Omoregie is a profound and deeply personal journey for me,” Nosa expressed. “It signifies my evolution as an artist and aligns more closely with my identity, heritage, and spiritual essence. I am thrilled to share this new phase of my musical expedition with the world.”


About Nosa Omoregie: Nosa Omoregie, formerly recognized as NOSA, stands as a revered gospel music luminary, celebrated for his seamless fusion of compelling melodies and profound messages of faith. With an array of chart-topping singles and accolades to his credit, Nosa Omoregie continues to captivate hearts through his music, with his rebranding signifying a profound chapter in his musical career..

About Bethel Worship: Bethel Worship is a dynamic spiritual haven renowned for its vibrant worship experiences and unwavering commitment to fostering an authentic connection with the Divine. With an ethos of love, acceptance, and transformation.

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