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Our Church is Not Your Feeding Bottle – Women March Against Anglican Bishop Accused of Embezzlement

Churches under the Sapele Anglican Diocese on Thursday, May 5, took to the streets to protest against Bishop Erifeta who is being accused of embezzlement.
The women carried placards with these inscriptions:

“Bishop Erifeta (King Pharoah) “We say no to embezzlement”, “Leave Our Diocese Alone”, “Our Church is not your feeding bottle””.
According to a post by Sapele Oghenek on Facebook, Some of the women carried microphones and loudly chanted out that they want the Bishop out of their diocese as they are fed up with him.
Many of the women who spoke out about the Bishop revealed that the man swindled the church of a lot of money to the complete detriment of the church.
The protest was however very peaceful as the police accompanied the women to make sure the women carried out their march in peace.

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