RCCG Member Cuts Off his Manhood to Concentrate on his 21 Days Fasting and Prayer


A 27 -year-old man who acclaimed to be a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God had reportedly cut off his penis from his body with a machete in order to concentrate in the ongoing 21 days fasting and prayer programme organized by the church.
The unidentified man who ardently believes that fasting and prayers should be embarked upon with piousness decided to obey the instruction of the Bible that enjoined people to cut off any part of their bodies that will lead them into sin.

According to reports, on Sunday, January 18, 2015 the man was said to be doing great without food and water but revealed that his manhood was obstructing him from getting more devout to God with its little erections on daily basis.

He said,

“The penis has a mind of its own and it is capable of doing things which are totally out of my control. It usually gets erect every now and then, and konji sets in. And you know that konji is one of the things that leads people into sin. The erections were making me weaker spiritually and in the fast. That is why I cut it off. Even Jesus Christ said that we should cut off anything which will make us sin.”

His neighbors attacked him thinking he was attempting to perform a ritual until he was able to explain to them what he was doing.

He is currently in one of the hospital in Lagos responding to treatment and hoping that his penis will grow back on his body after the 21 days of fasting and prayers.

Source: Marapolsa

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