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Redeemed Church Cleaned My Entire Street

This is a story of a Nairalander I stumbled upon and it really touched me; and thought I should share the story for all to see and probably learn from it too.

Read what he has to say with plenty of pictures to back it up.

“I have never been comfortable with the number of churches around my house; the blaring speakers and unavailable street parking, most days gets to me; but today one of them surprised me.

It started as a knock on my door as early as 8am Saturday morning; I was asked politely to come and move one of my vehicles that is usually parked on the street, when I got out of the house I was really shocked, when I saw men and women, armed with brooms, shovels, wheel barrows, rakes, cutlasses and all sort of cleaning/clearing equipment.

As I re-parked my vehicle, I could not help but notice that the church close to my house had almost all its members CHEERFULLY cleaning the entire street!

Now this is not your GRA interlocked kind of street, but un-tarred and really dirty. They cleared every gutter, filled craters with stones and rubble cleared dirt, swept the front of people’s houses and organised a pickup truck to take away all the dirt.

I am really impressed. It’s not always about carrying bible and preaching salvation, but sometimes ministering to the individual and collective needs of people in your locality.

I am already tempted to visit there tomorrow. I am sure they have won not just my heart, but that of every one on the street.

Thumbs up to Springs of living water parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

See more pictures below;

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