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Religious Bill: Mention the Date I Will Die – El-Rufai Dares Apostle Suleman

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai has dared Apostle Suleman and others predicting his death to give a specific date on his demise if they are truly men of God.
In a recent interview with some journalists, el-Rufai, said: “Kaduna State, more than any state in Nigeria, if you take out the Yobe, Borno and Adamawa axis,  which suffered from Boko Haram insurgency, has suffered the most from death and destruction of property due to misuse and abuse of religion.

“More people have been killed in Kaduna from the words that people have said. Some people have argued that there is freedom of religion, of course; Section 38 is very clear: We must not have a state religion, every Nigerian is allowed to practise their faith or even if they  do not have any religion  at all.

“However, they forget Section 45 which says that you can regulate any human right if it’d affect the right of others. You can practise your religion but not in a way that abuses the right of another. There is nothing in this law that is not in conformity with the constitution.

“Are you telling me it is okay for someone to put up speakers in the night and start making a noise, be it Islam or Christianity, disturbing people? Is that okay? Which chapter in the two holy books says that Jesus or Muhammad (SAW) did that. Are we not trying to copy them? Are they not the perfections of both our religions? Jesus said, ‘Give to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s.’ Government is the Caesar.

“I have not seen anyone talking about Islam actually. Most of the people that say I would die, as if I would not die, are people who call themselves Christian clergy. Of course, I will die. If that apostle is truly an apostle, he should mention the day I will die. There is nothing in that law that prevents or infringes the practice of religion.

“It seeks to ensure that those that preach religion are qualified, trained and certified by their peers to do it. And some sections of the media have made it as if the law was drafted against Christianity. It is most irresponsible and I have nothing to say except to leave the matter to God.”

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