Sammy Okposo Sees Nothing Wrong In Fornication

sammieThe name rings one million bells in your eardrum, the gospel artiste, Sammy Okposo who is now enjoying his status as a Glo Ambassador has seen nothing wrong in having multiple relationships which Bible says it’s adultery and fornication.
During an interview session, Sammy confirmed his liaison with a former beauty queen, an actress and many others. “Unfortunately for me, all the women I had relationships with, were very popular and powerful women way ahead of me in the entertainment industry. I once dated a Miss Nigeria, a very popular actress and a few others.
What made me popular was like a mystery. When people wanted to know who I was and how I got to date those women, they started digging and that was how I became relevant. It was not the awards I received that brought me fame, it was the ladies I was connected to,” Sammy said in an interview. Surely, the end time is near.
A supposed gospel artiste, who should frown against all forms of immorality, has just dragged decency and holiness to the mud by confession having serial relationships. If you recall, Sammy and Pastor Adefarin of the House On The Rock once had some ripples with Sammy, one of the reasons they broke up then was because of Sammy ungodly affair with a powerful person in the church them whom the pastor was also said to be dating.

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