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SERMON:: Sow Into The Prosperity Of Others – Pastor Ose Imiemohon

If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give you that which is your own?

– Luke 16:11-12(KJV)


How do you treat any borrowed item?  Do you use them to depreciate their value? Do you maintain them when you make use of them? Do you consider public property nobody’s property? The policy of the kingdom of God is very clear on the implication of handling other people’s property. It qualifies you to get your own. That means handling other people’s property carefully is a practical way of sowing into their prosperity and your own prosperity. Don’t make the way you use another person’s property bring them losses. You may gain temporarily, but forfeit your own in the process.

In a much broader sense, when you go to a guest house or hotel, do you remove the towels, spoons, teacups and take them home as souvenirs? I guess you are asking what is the big deal about these little things? Removing these items from the hotel, brings an additional cost to the owners. Your action towards the hotel owners is not a blessing.  Indulging in these petty theft may seem logical, but it frustrates your own prosperity in the system of God’s kingdom.

Do you know from the kingdom of God’s perspective, that maintaining your apartment regularly in spite of paying your rent is preparing you to own your house? This may not make logical sense, but it makes kingdom sense. So do not seek to avoid being a blessing to other people. Your actions anytime should be to make things better than you met them. Joseph sowed into the prosperity of Potiphar’s household through his diligent service. That should be your model at your place of work.  You are a citizen of the kingdom of God and empowering others to prosper must be a lifestyle.

Beloved, nothing is too trivial or too big when it concerns the need to be faithful in handling other people’s stuff. So washing the car you borrowed from your friend after use and filling up the tank before returning it is for your benefit. Remember, you can’t cheat your way through the faithfulness test. So seize every opportunity and sow into the prosperity of others.

From today, I purpose in my heart to maintain and treat with honour whatever I am privileged to use that does not belong to me. I repent from mishandling other people’s stuff.

Genesis 39:2-5

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